video: "Mesa" - Cayetana

words: Sarah Hojsak

Cayetana first shared “Mesa” a few weeks ago, as part of their split with Camp Cope. But now it turns out the powerfully energetic and captivating song is also the first single from the Philly trio’s upcoming LP New Kind of Normal, and has a gorgeous video to accompany it, too. The video opens mid-conversation with band members Augusta Koch, Allegra Anka, and Kelly Olsen in their rehearsal studio before a mysterious door opens and we’re taken through a fantastic dream sequence complete with tissue paper flowers, a creepy wedding dress, and a bonfire in the woods before the three women wake up and return to their normal lives. It’s a testament to the band’s undying adventurous spirit, but also to the cohesive force Cayetana has become since they began performing music together in 2011. Koch’s lyrical sharpness combined with Anka’s resonant basslines and Olsen’s rallying drums balance seamlessly and reveal the collaborative power behind Cayetana’s creative mission – something we’ll surely see even more on the new album.

In case this wasn’t already enough good news, New Kind of Normal has a release date for us to look forward to: the album is out May 5 on Plum Records, a new label the band members recently started. 

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