video: "Passing Out" - ManDancing

video: "Passing Out" - ManDancing

The music of ManDancing is an ever-evolving, emotional mystery. During a previous interview with the band, we touched on the importance of their vulnerability and "Passing Out" brings that ideal to life with stirring visuals. Beginning with the soft strum of acoustics, and confessional storytelling, "Passing Out" receives an unmistakable strength to its story thanks to an accompanying video treatment. Shots of life, the good and bad, are displayed throughout the song, the band sharing a desire to hold tight to something that's slipping from their grasp. And as their cries and instrumentals increase in intensity, so does the video, as the hidden secrets, lives and struggles of those depicted begin to unravel and then come together on screen. In its final moments the imagery of others is stripped away, and the camera focuses solely on Stephen G. Kelly as he delivers a line full of promise and hope, "We're all alone, and never alone. And I can't wait to see your face in the morning."

This is one musical moment that will hit you in the feels. To find out even more about the video we chatted with the band themselves!

Their EP Hands on 3 is out 7/13 on Take This To Heart Records.

The Grey Estates: Where was this video filmed and how did you get so many different people involved? What message are you trying to portray with each of them?

ManDancing: This video was filmed all around New Jersey, primarily the central part. Adam Nawrot, who made the video, is rad at everything. He has the specifics on how he went about filming everyone(the band was pretty removed from most all of that process) However, when you get a a few people working on a project, those people know people who know people. I believe his process was as simple as having an open schedule, making phone calls, and taking drives. Adam might be the most driven person I know. 

The fun part is, we didn't have a specific goal, or a 'message' that we were aiming for. Everything fell into place really organically for the project and that made for a very human piece of artwork. 

Where did you come up with the idea for this music video, and how did you envision it fitting into the overall narrative of the song?

Alright, so most all of it was Adam's idea. He had been inspired to make a project similar to this one even before I sent him the song. He outlined a general idea of style and type of video and we just ran with it. The tentative goal was to get intimate shots of friends, acquaintances, and strangers living their lives to get a snapshot of the parts NJ that we live in. The overarching theme is the lyric "we're all alone together" so the narrative fit quite nicely. 

What was the process like for creating the video? Did this have to be done over multiple days since you're featuring a number of different stories?

The process for myself in the band was mostly doing the performance part in an old barn at my parent's place. Aside from that and initially meeting with Adam, I didn't have anything to do with the process. He and his girlfriend, Sonia, spent 2 weeks intermittently filming when and where they saw fit. 

The video, to me, is a culmination of a simple collaboration coming together in a way that perhaps exceeded expectations of what we would've been able to collectively imagine.