video premiere: "All On Camera" - Sun Breaks

video premiere: "All On Camera" - Sun Breaks

“All On Camera” stays true to its name throughout its accompanying visuals and song. The tapestry of musical ideals plays out much like the experience of flipping through a photo album. Each smattering of instrumental noise — the wondrous keys, chugging strings, and pulsing percussion — triggers a new emotion and sound within the listener. Vocals fade in and out, ringing recklessly into one another, barely rising above this wondrous whirring of instrumentals. Sun Breaks fully submerges you in their music, as if you’re trapped beneath the pages of a scrapbook, swimming through tides of forgotten places and people. It’s a delightful and dizzying trip through nostalgia, and at its conclusion, you’re left with only just a hint of what Sun Breaks is capable of, leaving you eager to return to those pages and flip through the memories again.

“All On Camera” comes from All On Camera, out now on Suicide Squeeze Records.

Catch the band live on November 30th in Seattle, WA @ Clock-Out Lounge!

As the director Carlos A.F. Lopez explained:

The concept for the video really starts with the song and is sparked from the very first line  "took it all in a camera / found your way to me". We thought it'd be fun to send some disposable film cameras out to friends with a loose list of ideas for pictures to take and see what came back. With the ability to take infinity pictures on your phone the idea of having a finite amount (27 exposures per camera) makes every picture special if only by virtue of having to go through so many different stages to bring you back one brief moment of life. The process of taking a picture, waiting until the whole roll is finished before even being able to go a lab to get it developed, waiting a week for the roll to be printed and then hoping that moment was captured in focus and with enough light is just not a speed of life there seems to be much patience for now. 

Very thankful to our friends from Seattle, Los Angeles, New York, Austin, Oklahoma City, New Orleans and spaces and places between, whose 540 pictures comprise the entire video. It was really exciting to get the photos back from the lab and see the different interpretations of the list as well as just beautiful/bucolic/surreal/ironic/funny slices of life people were able to capture.

The way we communicate and experience the world now is told so much through pictures we see on screens throughout our day. Pictures that are perfectly composed, edited to be flawless, with the intention of jumping out at you and holding your attention, as well as everyday, unflattering, trivial life occurrences. Somewhere amongst the bombardment of it all is the truth. This video, in its way, is a reaction to that bombardment.