video premiere: "Cosmic Debt" - Lubec

The shortest memories and moments can often leave the most impactful mark. Such is the case on Lubec's new video for single "Cosmic Debt". For the video, the band pieces together footage that they shot during a recent tour up to Canada in April. It's the title track from their previously released album on Disposable America, and is the perfect taste to get us excited for news of a new EP Dividends out 9/29 also on Disposable America. "Cosmic Debt" is calamitous but beautiful, a hodgepodge of briskly paced instrumentals, and shouts. It serves as the perfect soundtrack for a set of rapidly moving visuals, warping you into a place of whirlwind noise pop. 

Keep an eye on their Facebook page for some upcoming tour dates, too!

mp3: "Planet Dust" - Alexalone

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