video premiere: "Development" - all boy/all girl

all boy/all girl's video for "Development" is as colorful and striking as their music. Written, filmed, edited and directed by Donald Borenstein and Matt Honor, the video sees things get a little messy, all the while the band's beautiful track plays out. We're excited to premiere the video, which comes from this year's Slagroom, out now through Grind Select. Before you dig into the goodness, here's a little background on the video from the band:

"Development" is a portrait of a neighborhood going through the construction phase of gentrification. The video tells a parallel story of greed and exploitation but through the perspective of a "huckster" who takes advantage of a young woodworker who freakishly survived a gruesome headwound. After getting what he can from her as a side show act, he moves on, leaving the poor woodworker battered and broken. The video was shot in the Lower East Side of Manhattan where we found inspiration for the song.”

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