video premiere: "Disintegrate" - WL

As the seasons drift ever further apart, we're forced to concede, giving into the change and bidding farewell to the memories that accompanied them. "Disintegrate" reflects this change and the conception of letting life's tides wash over us, taking the good and bad parts we no longer need. The track comes from WL's album Light Years out 10/28 through XRAY and its a soothing lullaby, an alluring soundscape of vocals and instrumentals as stunning and emotive as the accompanying visuals. Stream the single/video below. Band member MIke Yun explains the moment:

'Disintegrate' is a song about loss. It's a goodbye with no goodbye, it's a possibility that becomes impossible. It's when the weight of the ocean is over you and you give in to it. The video is a simple meditation on the movement of waves. It's a single shot, from a single point with altered time. We filmed hours of footage in both slow motion and time lapse, but this continuous shot just fit the feeling perfectly.

mp3: "Know Better" - Forth Wanderers

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