video premiere: "Five Year Plan" - Groupie

video premiere: "Five Year Plan" - Groupie

On their new single, Groupie tackles everything that's wrong with adulthood and the "reality" in which we exist, using anger but purpose-filled instrumentals as their guide. The track begins with the sounds of low, sinister bass, and the background gradually fills in, other strings and drums joining the fray. There's a thick impending energy that becomes apparent, and guttural vocals soon rattle off the contradictions of growing old, with highlights including "Do you have the experience?/ Gotta have that experience!" and "’I'm tryin to follow suit/cause chasing after that sweet green/makes me wonder who rules who." As the seconds pass, "Five Year Plan" only becomes more energized and colorful, enlivening one with a sense of anger and action. It's exactly the kind of relatable questioning that's so needed in times when everything else has seemingly gone to shit, and you're left wondering if anyone else out there is feeling the same way.

As the band explains, "Five Year Plan" was influenced by a lot of post-punk, including Bauhaus, Au Pairs and Joy Division. We wanted the music video to reflect the conceptual and contemplative nature of the song. Creeping animations and deep muted colors mirror the droning, forbidding uncertainty of a life plan. The compositing serves to distract and obscure, further pushing the song into abstraction."

Their album Validated is out now and the band plays 6/22 at the Gutter in Brooklyn.

The music video was cut, directed and animated by Asia Hunt, an experimental animator from New York City. To create "Five Year Plan," she used a combination of stop motion, in-camera vfx, manipulated found footage collected from the band members, composited archival material from old education videos, and concert footage taken by Mer Stern at a show at Alphaville in December 2017 to create this video.

feature image: Jeanette D. Moses