video premiere: "Girls Should Never Be Afraid" - Krissanthemum

video premiere: "Girls Should Never Be Afraid" - Krissanthemum

Despite the arrival of Spring, the weather outside is frightful. But lucky for us all, Krissanthemum has arrived with a rainbow-hued beam of sunshine and a much needed boost of faith. "Girls Should Never Be Afraid" is an adorable pop number, with Krissanthemum instructing listeners on how to fearlessly face the world. You know those moments where your self-confidence feels a little lacking and you need a reminder that you're doing "great stuff?" This song is the answer. And with an inclusion of wacky instrumentals and Krissanthemum's fearless croon we should all feel empowered to take on the world. You can stream the track and its video below.

The single comes from the EP Kaleidoscope Drive out 4/20 on Rat Brain Records.

Tour Dates

  • 3/22: LIVE! on WPSR with Straw Pipes and Hah. @8pm

  • 3/24: The Jungeon, Rutherford, NJ

  • 4/2: The Underground Bike Shop, Harrisburg, PA

  • 4/7: JSB, Providence, RI