video premiere: "Half Lie" - Taleen Kali

video premiere: "Half Lie" - Taleen Kali

This video is NSFW.

"Half Life" is a delight for the senses, allowing one to give themselves fully to a track that's all about discovering your truest self. In a colorful clip (directed by Leila Jarman), complete with rituals, flowers, and a journey into the wilds of nature, Taleen Kali enlivens a tale of ridding the parts of ourselves that are superficial and untrue. Quickly paced guitar and Kali's enchanting vocals stand at the forefront for much of the single, diving in and out amidst backing instrumentals to create an unshakable musical moment. There are instances in the track when the visuals move as fast as the soundtrack, and culminate in a brief moment of dreaminess before taking off again, leaving you feeling spellbound and dazzled by the song's mystical draw.

As Taleen Kali explained to TGE about the video: The video for “Half Lie” is all about floral femme with a punk rock expands on the theme of the song, which is about half truths we hear from others, and the lies we tell ourselves. In the video, we celebrate the journey into new truths, turning them into ceremonies. The visuals depict lush rituals performed by some of my favorite L.A. artists, Madison René Knapp and Kayla Tange, who lead us up into the grand spiritual unveiling at the end.

Preorder Soul Songs out 6/22 here.

Tour Dates:

06.26 - Los Angeles, CA @ Resident (Record Release show)
07.01 - New York, NY @ Pianos
07.13 Los Angeles, CA @ Lot 1 Cafe (punk covers)
8.24 Santa Cruz @ Sub Rosa Community Space
August-September Summer of Sound Tour (California)

feature image: Kristin Cofer