video premiere: "Hellaspawn" - Baywitch

It's been nearly a year since we blasted off with Baywitch and took the cosmic trip that was album Moonstoners, and today we're excited to welcome the band back down to earth for the premiere of "Hellaspawn". It's the title track from a recently released tape that's due to get a digital release soon. The video is suitably set against a beachside backdrop, letting us watch as the now full-fledged trio scurries to enjoy a tropically decorated cake before sunset. Their playful, beachy surf rock is as animated as ever, with vocalist Lila Burns singing of "Hellaspawn" - a group of underground creatures representing the ideal of trying to create a space for yourself on whatever planet you happen to land on. The sounds of Baywitch are fuzzy and blown out, with Burns's vocals bouncing above it all for a slice of pop that's as sweet as a slice of cake.

The band had this to say about the video:

The practice of consuming little images of what we’re celebrating, while inherently traditional (communion, printed-sugar face-cakes, wedding figurines, those weird Barbie ones where the skirt is made of cake, etc.) is equal parts familiar and bizarre. In the video, we're consuming the cake from the album cover while at the beach displayed on the cake itself, while wearing our customary cartoony corpse-paint. This ritual aims to manifest the same kind of uncanny valley where common and pleasant things we all enjoy are actually kinda strange and eerie in practice.

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