video premiere: "I Am Almost Perfectly Awake" – NRVS LVRS

In a video awash with day-glow colored hues NRVS LVRS use fantastical and otherworldly visuals to set an imaginative stage for single "I Am Almost Perfectly Awake". The track comes from the band's upcoming album Electric Dread out June 30. There's a pulsing undercurrent throughout the track, humming and buzzing pop weaving a tapestry of saccharine sounds as intricate and mysterious as the video. Bevin Fernandez's angelic soprano rises above it all, directing us in an invitation to imagine. Joined by husband, Andrew Gomez, we can hear the band's cited influence of Kate Bush and Massive Attack through the video. "I Am Almost Perfectly Awake" glides with an effortless ease, the band's sparkling electronics appealing to your ears in a way that seems dark, but also beautiful. It's a moment you just have to experience for yourself and you can do so by pressing play below.

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