video premiere + interview: "Skin" - The Groans

video premiere + interview: "Skin" - The Groans

The Groans are making some of the most important music you'll ever hear. Last year they released Everything for Everyone, an EP of empowering punk that rattles you into thinking, acting and feeling. And nearly a year later they've given the video treatment to their track "Skin." Despite the heated mood set by the band's instrumentals, the message of "Skin" has never been more needed. The single is one of acceptance and encouragement, reminding those listening that they're not alone, and that someone out there is proud of them. It's a cathartic few minutes, the band raging through their frustrations over "magazines and movies telling me what to be." As they continue to work through their rage, the band provides a sweet sendoff to anyone listening, declaring: "please keep trying i'll keep fighting/ We won't stop fighting/BE HAPPY BE YOU."

You can watch the video below + read an interview with the group!

The Grey Estates: How did The Groans form? And how long have you been working on Everything for Everyone? What was the recording/release process like for that?

The Groans: The Groans formed in 2015 and it was going after going to our local backyard shows and noticing a lack of womxn/lgbtqa+ musicians. Everything For Everyone took us 8 months in total. The recording process went swell! Our friend Jerry, from Room 9 is super fun to work with!

You're giving all the proceeds to different organizations. What inspired that decision and how do you select which places you'd donate money to?

We wanted to donate to organizations that correlated to our song lyrics on Everything For Everyone. We will always help any organizations or communities that are in need or any that benefit the.

Let's talk about the cover art. Did you eat the cake after? And who came up with the idea for that?

It was delicious for white cardboard and $2 all purpose caulking & paint! Our singer & bassist came up with the set idea and created it - Annie is a crafty gnome.

Your music is so important and encouraging! What inspired the album and how do you handle the songwriting? What made you decide to sing about things like Skin and Lives on the Line? Do you think music like that is important during times like this? And what do you hope listeners take from hearing those songs and your album?

The album was inspired by what we were feeling at the time and what we would see when we would turn the television on or first browsed the internet or prejudice situations experienced at hand. The orange monster brought out the worst in people, yet lit a fire under the ones who seek equality. We never like to rush the songwriting process and we let it come to us. We hope that our music makes listeners feel that they aren’t alone with their feelings and with a sliver of patience, it does get brighter.

What are you working on now and what are your hopes for the future?

We have a mini tour coming up on May 11th and 12th. We’re currently trying to create shows where people can feel safe and have the funds go towards QTPOC youth and organizations that need it. Our dear friend Jess Gonzalez directed a music video for our song ‘Skin’ we love it so much and can not wait for everyone to see it! We’re also currently working on our full length album and a tour in August/September.

What are some of your influences as artists and people? Who have you been listening to?

Artists that are unapologetically themselves such as Alice Bag, Karen O, Freddie Mercury, and Nina Simone really inspired us as people and artists. At the moment we've been listening to St. Vincent, West America, YAAWN, Young Fathers, Birote The Musical, St. Beauty, Sammus, and Palehound!

What would the title of the band's Netflix documentary be?


Do you have a favorite track of yours and if so, why?

Skin is one of our favorites to play live. It really makes us feel connected with each other and everyone around us.

If you were having a Groans party who would you invite and what kind of cake would you get?

ALL QUEERS WELCOME and we would get a giant vegan tres leches cake!