video premiere: "Mahjong Room" - Ginger Root

video premiere: "Mahjong Room" - Ginger Root

words: Michael Brooks

“Mahjong Room”, the title track from Ginger Root’s forthcoming LP, is an infectious, sun-kissed groove that shimmers like warm summer sun beating down upon your skin. Caught somewhere in the middle of elevator music and dream pop, “Mahjong Room” makes one feel all warm and fuzzy, a more electrifying version of the bedroom-pop norm. The accompanying video, which was filmed on Super 8, is breathtakingly gorgeous; set on a rooftop with choreographed dancers, the grainy footage enlivens the feeling of being trapped inside a summer daze. “Mahjong Room” is both endearing and sultry, the perfect song to relax with as you let the undercurrents wash over you.

I spoke briefly with Cameron Lew, the brains behind Ginger Root, and asked him about the tracks accompanying visuals.
The Grey Estates: What kind of influence do you think your background in film and video has had on your music?

Ginger Root: I studied primarily to become an editor. And so I’d say in both music and film, I think very rhythmically. There’s a certain pacing and feel with cutting film, and I see myself in the editor’s mindset a lot of the time when I’m doing music. Also every time I write or record a new song, usually a visual or concept for a music video pops into my head.

What types of ideas or emotions do you find are easier to convey visually than sonically?

I think visually, I love playing with color. That’s something that I’m trying to learn how to convey musically/sonically, but I don’t think there’s an actual scientific way to show color with sound haha.
Mahjong Room is out 6/29 via Acrophase Records