video premiere: "Moon" - Eerie Wanda

video premiere: "Moon" - Eerie Wanda

In a world that’s always frenetically-paced and currently filled with darkness, Eerie Wanda’s newest single takes you on a wondrous waltz to the deepest and most peaceful parts of your imagination. “Moon,” the second track from Pet Town, a new album out January 25, 2019, unravels slowly, rewarding one’s patience and attention with honeyed, peaceful strings and the compelling softness of vocalist Marina Tadic. Accompanied by dreamy, hazy visuals, you’re practically whisked away to some far-off destination — an otherworldly locale guided only by moonlight. “Moon" is unhurried and deliberate; a swaying piece of magic uplifted by strings and a syrupy account of a most unusual night. There’s no telling where this single will lead you, so dig in below:

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As Tadic explained to TGE about the track: "“Moon" to me is about the thin line between sanity and insanity and how our perception of reality is mutable.

The subject 'reality' fascinates me endlessly.  Our brains seem to enjoy the rational, structured world we've created 

in which we can sort of ignore all the weirdness of the universe. 

But I feel like the most beautiful things come from a place beyond that world. Or when those worlds collide."