video premiere: "On the Couch" - Karen Meat and the Computer

A few weeks back we shared the magic of Karen Meat and the Computer's single "On the Couch." It's the title track from the EP out 6/3 through Sump Pump Records, and today we're pleased to premiere the video. Think back to how sincere and sweet your adolescent crushes were. Those innocent and pure feelings of wanting and daydreaming for someone to pay attention to you, and give you even a few moments of attention are captured in the whimsical and adorable video for the equally cutesty single. Even when we're an adult navigating matters of the heart there's nothing like that spectacular feeling of love, and Karen Meat and the Computer get it, and animate those moments with a series of visuals that are hilariously endearing. There are times when we're all just lonely, when we want to feel loved and spend a few minutes, even seconds with a crush in "dopes shoes" "On the Couch." And after this video, we're crushing pretty hard on Karen Meat and the Computer.

Guest Mix: Alyeska

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