video premiere: "Pizzaface" - Hammydown

Hammydown aka Abbie Morin takes the mundane of everyday tasks and turns them into a day of fun-fueled adventure in the video for single "Pizzaface". In the video, Morin lets the sound of her fuzzy, garage pop be our guide through laments on how hard we have to work just to make it. What makes Morin's brand of relatable pop so special is the hopefulness that she presents, the invitation to find a glimmer of sunshine, even when you're knee deep in dirty laundry and eager to cross off every item on your to-do list. At the end of the video, Morin celebrates by doodling herself a pizzaface, covering her arms in hand drawn pepperoni, as a final blast of swaying guitar plays out. It's a reminder to have fun, even when your day wants you to do otherwise.

Morin gave us a little insight into the track saying, "I wrote the song Pizzaface about feeling trapped by the mundane, so I thought it’d be fitting to have the video take place in my favorite laundromat (where they have a Ms. Pacman machine!) When I’m feeling especially frustrated, or glazed over to life’s never-ending chores, I’ve got to remind myself to open my eyes to the little bits of magic that tend to pop up if I’m paying enough attention. Special thanks to the patrons of this laundromat for only lightly rolling their eyes at us during our slightly obnoxious shoot. My entire wardrobe was washed in the making of this video."

Pick up Hammydown's Pizzaface EP out now.

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