video premiere: "Summer Song" - Triples

Against a backdrop of flowers, neon-colored walls and summer adventures, Triples sings a "Summer Song" that's essentially every thought you've ever had when you're crushing on someone. The duo's upcoming EP, Play It Again will be out soon on Art of the Uncarved Block, and ahead of that these gorgeous visuals, that strike up visions of The Virgin Suicides, and their fuzzy ballad are here for you to get lost in. Coated in a covering of reverb and fuzz, the pair sing an impossibly catchy melody that questions why it has to be so hard to talk to someone and why we can never seem to be taken seriously. When you're left cursing and wondering if you've said the right thing or you're in need of a song to shout along to this is the one you're gonna wanna reach for. 

mp3 premiere: "Cigarettes" - Shybaby

Creator Chats: Connor Murray (Crafted Sounds) & Billy Philhower (Too Far Gone Records & Day Crush Records)