video premiere: "Talk" - Bloods

video premiere: "Talk" - Bloods

Take an incredibly fun trip to the karaoke parlor with our new favorite band Bloods in their video for “Talk.” The ripping single comes from the band’s stellar album Feelings out digitally and through Share It Music and Sub Pop Records. Much like previous track “Feelings,” this latest single proves equally as unforgettable. It’s a catchy, biting ode that takes aim at the incessant, and often needless conversations that can accompany the final stages of a doomed relationship. The vintage-inspired video serves as a perfectly sunny compliment to what’s a total blast of a single. Guitars remain unstoppable and furious, the sounds of percussion pour out with every passing second, and it all leads to one completely catchy chorus that has the band delivering a cutting reminder: “words mean nothing at all.”

Halloween might be just around the corner, but this single is one blast of fuzzy fun that will ensure summer lasts forever.

Band member MC detailed the concept for the video, telling TGE: “This video is an homage to the humble karaoke video. Those videos are a marvel of modern film, the way they use the cheesiest stock footage and often are completely unrelated to the sentiment of the song. We’ve spent so many nights in a dingy room, singing along to the midi arrangements and stock footage of couples staring longingly at each other, or a dog running on the beach.

We thought that this concept was perfect for ‘Talk’ because the song is already a contradiction within itself – it’s a song that sounds like the sunniest, poppiest song, but it is actually about being really upset with someone and asking yourself how you’re going to get through a really rough patch.

This is another video done by Dirk and I. We shot it all ourselves and had a lot of fun doing it. It picks up on the love story that
Bug Eyes left off on between myself (MC) and indie rocks most iconic heart-throb, Al Grigg (Straight Arrows/Palms/Red Riders).”