video premiere: "Water" - Living Hour

video premiere: "Water" - Living Hour
photo: Chelsea Neufeld

photo: Chelsea Neufeld

The act of sharing your emotions with someone and realizing there’s a growing disconnect can be a bewildering and heartbreaking, but also freeing experience. And for their latest single, “Water,” Living Hour puts that moment of tenderness to song. This newest track — which appears on a forthcoming Kanine Records release — is delightfully woozy and gorgeous.

Vocals barely rise above a whisper, but the message contained within is so impactful, with band member Sam Sarty explaining, “‘Water’ is about the feeling of isolation in ones own emotions. You can explain an emotion to another person, but they will truly never be able to understand how it feels to you. It's a lonely feeling when you open up to someone about feeling sad or vulnerable or weird and then they just turn around and say you're probably dehydrated... Then taking it upon yourself to put that energy that you once had towards that person back into yourself as a form of self care, not because they told you, but because you know you need it- you drink water.”

That sadness and vulnerability, but also the feeling of being rid of that negativity is perfectly etched in every second of the song. From the soft brushes of percussion to the reserved, measured strings, “Water” is three minutes of pure bliss, and it quietly invites you to close your eyes and find yourself again.

“Water” appears on Softer Faces out 3/1 on Kanine Records. Preorder here.

Tour Dates:

01/24 - Sasakatoon - Black Cat -with Bernice (Arts and Crafts)
01/25 - Calgary - King Eddy - with Bernice 
01/26 - Rossland - Eagles - with Bernice 
01/29 - Edmonton - Aviary
01/30 - Regina - T & A Vinyl
02/16 - Winnipeg - Festival Du Voyageur
03/01 - Minneapolis - The Fallout
03/02 - Chicago - The Hideout
03/03 - Bloomington - The Bishop
03/04 - Cincinatti - MOTR
03/05 - Washington DC - Songbyrd
03/06 - Brooklyn - Rough Trade In-Store 
03/07 - Manhattan - Pianos - New Colossus Festival
03/08 - Roanoke - Billy's Barn - With Eternal Summers
03/09 - Savannah - Savannah Stopover - Deerhunter and Lucy Dacus Headlining
03/11 - 15 - Austin - SXSW
03/16 - Salado - Barrow - With Chastity 
03/18 - Phoenix - Lunchbox
03/22 - Los Angeles - The Factory - With Justus Profitt 
03/23 - Las Vegas - Starboard Tack

Video Details:

Film by Ryan Steel

Gwen Bird
Vern Coot Bird
Chelsea Neufeld
Jesse Lawrence

Edited by
Ryan Steel & Sam Sarty

Ellen Friesen
Helene Hintz
Brent Kroeker
Winnipeg Film Group