video: "Slow Motion" - Wildhoney

words: Kat Harding

With a new glitchy, 8 mm-feel of a mystery video for “Slow Motion,” Baltimore’s Wildhoney are back in action following Your Face Sideways, their 2015 EP. The bedroom-pop, shoegaze band’s tune echoes up to us through reverberation and distortion as the video follows a delivery of a VHS tape, showing the band performing with layered visuals, fluttering lights, and flickering images. Our protagonist cues up the video, puts on headphones and dark glasses, becoming fully immersed in the band’s performance. She’s lounging on her living room floor listening, then heads out into the world with the song soundtracking her day, first walking around and then at the beach. You should do the same. Watch this video with little distractions, then head out with some headphones.

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