video: "Spell" - Emily Reo

words: Sarah Hojsak

I want to live in Emily Reo’s world. The audio/visual artist’s new video for “Spell” is 6 minutes of beautiful, entrancing art that takes us on a foggy dreamlike journey into another realm. Reo’s vocals remain clear and captivating even through layered instrumentation and synthesizing, and her witchlike presence is constant through fuzzy flashes of footage. “Spell” may have all the bewitching elements of a possible horror film tribute, yet the video remains somehow soothing – hearing Reo sing “time cast a spell on me” may just make you want to wander into her intimately hypnotizing world, too.   

A fixture of the Brooklyn DIY pop scene, Reo has recently been on tour with Sad13. Be on the lookout for more from her in 2017. 

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