video: Stag Hair Parlor Presents La Sera

My visits to the salon are a most sacred time because usually I decide I wanna do something drastic or I wanna hide my curls reach perfection. Once I even dyed all my hair blue, hated it and dyed it back immediately. ANYWAYS, it's why this video series from Michael Grodner is so cool! You can read his explanation behind it all and watch the first video of La Sera!

I've been going to Stag Hair Parlor for a few years now.  Danny and Lauren, who own Stag Hair Parlor, are musicians themselves, and they've always been supportive of Dirty Laundry TV and the shows we host around town. About a year ago, while getting my hair cut there, the idea came to me: why not have an artist come in and, while they get their hair styled, they can talk about themselves, their style and then perform?  I pitched the idea to Danny and Lauren -- they were into it and the rest is history. We've shot segments with Pearl Charles, La Sera and Hutch from the Thermals (coming soon).  Hopefully, in June we'll be shooting with Sadie from Speedy Ortiz. 

Album: Neurotica - Gland

Through the Tin Cans: Departure from Venus - ROMP