video: "Tsunami" - Told Slant

Last month, Told Slant shared the first taste of their upcoming LP Going By, and they've followed it up with "Tsunami," one of the most heartbreakingly beautiful tracks you'll ever hear. A collection of home videos adds to its charm and intimacy. On our worst days we're left with a desperation, a craving for human touch, compassion, love, anything to know that we matter, and we're not alone in our struggle. For Told Slant, bad days leave a craving for concrete love - "I want someone to grab my face/tuck my hair behind my ears and say/isn't this silly and aren't you beautiful?" A collection of familiar voices and faces repeats this plea, and as someone who has experienced my own worst days, it's a plea I can chant, too.

Going By is out 6/17. 

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