mp3: "Watermelon Summer" - Annabelle Chairlegs


It’s been a long time since Pennsylvania has seen the sun, but I think I remember what summer is like. Even on the hottest and haziest days there’s something about the summer season that always feels really magical, and Annabelle Chairlegs captures that magic in the title track from their full length Watermelon Summer out on April 2nd. It’s a trippy and candied single, with vocalist Lindsay Mackin’s pipes feeling as limitless as a cloudless blue skies, her bandmates, Mark Williams, Matt Schewinberg and ‎Derek Vaughan Nunez Strahan weaving a tapestry of psychedelic instrumentals. We can’t wait for the season of Watermelon Summer. 


Photos: Shannon and the Clams & The Coathangers at The Echo, Los Angeles, California (3/31/2015)

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