mp3: "What Might Soothe You?" - Pity Sex

Words: Jordan Gorsuch

Pity Sex, Wide-eyed punk outfit from Ann Arbor went to Philadelphia to record White Hot Moon, the follow-up to 2013’s subtle hit Feast of Love. They have released their new single, “What Might Soothe You?” and it’s pretty magical.

The riffs are fuzzy and arranged in a very lovely song about two people reflecting on their relationship. There has been a trend of punk bands embracing shoegaze elements to shake-up their song writing, but this goes much deeper, their roots are intrinsically tied to both schools of music. 

The actual production is the cleanest view of Pity Sex we have gotten to date, the drums are crystal clear, and there is a pure emphasis on vocal melody. There is an apparent storminess to this song that contextualizes the heart wrought “I’ll pull you down, when there is no one else around” that feels almost desperate. Britty Drake gives a welcome vocal appearance as the bashful recipient of love. 

Modern relationships are becoming a game of chicken, no one wants to admit how deep they are in for each other, it’s some form of protection. We don’t want to admit we’re lonely, or that we pine for one another, because that is weakness. Sometimes, weakness can lead to even greater strength. The 7” of the track is available through Run For Cover Records here.

Guest Mix: HughShows

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