video: "I Wanna Be a Punk Rocker" - T-Rextasy

One of my absolute favorite tracks from the recently released T-Rextasy LP is "I Wanna Be a Punk Rocker." It's all about defying the expectations that others place on you and and chasing after whatever identity you seek for yourself. In the case of this video, the band looks to toss the prim and proper for black lipstick, pizza parties and beer. Find your inner punk rocker in the clip directed by Claudia Ross below, and then pick up a copy of their LP which is out now on Father/Daughter & Miscreant Records.

mp3: "Rebel Black" - Angelic Milk

Angelic Milk kind of totally bewitched us with one fell swoop when they released "IDK," and the band returns with a single equally as dreamy. "Rebel Black" is from the band's debut EP Teenage Movie Soundtrackand if you didn't believe the hype on the band's last release, this is the one to convince you. Those adolescent dreams you had of packing a suitcase and running away with a crush epitomize the spirit of "Rebel Black." It's reckless, but beautiful, the reverb, fuzz and twinkling chimes making garage rock as close to romantic as it can get. And vocalist Sarah Persephona, is our fearless leader throughout the escape, her fantastical soprano sounding as syrupy as the promise of a new beginning. 

mp3: "Pas De Deux" - Brenda's Friend

a0670315465_10 (1).jpg

If you thought the first single from Brenda's Friend was a good indicator of the band's trajectory, think again. GFP premiered "Pas De Deux," and the duo take the discordant and competing vocals of "House Down," and transform them into an airy partnership. The entire tape is out Friday, but in the meantime we suggest listening to this on repeat, picking up on the quiet, but defiant guitar. It's a really mellow few moments. 

mp3: "Take It All" - Lisa Prank

At this point, Adult Teen is the guide to life we all need. In fact, I wish it was around when I was growing up, relying on American Girl's The Care and Keeping Of You. Lisa Prank will release the LP on 6/24 through Miscreant Records and Father/Daughter Records, and each track has been like rifling through the singer's old diaries, her doodles, graffiti and thoughts coming to life in the form of saccharine punk. "Take It All" is the newest single, and it's a declaration to a terrible beau that they can have anything from a past relationship. That includes the old records she's sick of anyways, a coat and her nuisance heart. Armed with copious cups of coffee and a fearless attitude, nothing will stand in the way of this colroful spirit. 

mp3: "Ice Cream and Sunscreen" - Martha

Summer always feels slow to arrive and like its seasonal inspiration, "Ice Cream and Sunscreen" begins with a discernible subtlety. A promise of sunshine and cloudless skies, make the wait all worth it  "I was watching the skin peeling off your sunburned shoulders...I know you only melt in the middle like ice cream and sunscreen/like blisters in the pit of my heart." And much like when summer marks its glorious arrival and shakes everything up, the remaining members of Martha join in for an electric finale as glorious those "fireworks to light your July skies." The single is from Blisters In The Pit Of My Heart out in July.

Through the Tin Cans: Nosebleed Weekend - The Coathangers

Listening to music with someone else changes the dynamic of it completely. Their thoughts can influence your own, sometimes for better and sometimes for worst. That's the idea of this new feature - Through the Tin Cans. Three members of The Grey Estates staff come together and listen to an album, sharing their thoughts in real time via Facebook chat. From there, we invite you to take a listen, leave your comments and thoughts! Today we're listening to The Coathanger's Nosebleed Weekend and you're joining Lauren Rearick (editor and blog queen) and contributor Alex Wexelman, along with photographer Le'Donne Morris!

Screen Shot 2016-05-22 at 8.19.00 PM.png
Screen Shot 2016-05-22 at 8.19.10 PM.png
Screen Shot 2016-05-22 at 8.19.20 PM.png
Screen Shot 2016-05-22 at 8.19.27 PM.png
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Screen Shot 2016-05-22 at 8.20.08 PM.png

mp3: "Sprite Zero" - Mulligrub


The music of  Mulligrub was the perfect soundtrack for a damp and dreary weekend. The Winnipeg trio's Soft Grunge album came out in April, and it's a collection of stirring visuals, a portrait of anxious musings, Canadian summers and falling for someone. The vocals of Kelly Campbell come with a resilient force, perhaps her own mechanisms of survival reflected in the strength of her song. Along with band members J Riley Hill and Mirella Villa, the release becomes a complete collection of utterly emotional and at times gut wrenching honesty. The whole thing is worth your attention, but "Sprite Zero" is especially impassioned. "I wish I could get it all right it's too much/you're a light bug and I can't keep up," Campbell sings, and with the deliberate and careful instrumental backing this diary of wishes and whims becomes all the more stirring.

Toon Tunes: The Moxie of Spinelli

curated by Sophy Ziss

Recess’ Ashley Spinelli was a regular installment of Saturday Morning Cartoons in the late 1990s and early 2000s and was pretty much everyone’s favorite ass-kicking, Italian-American pint-sized punk/general playground terror. Yes, Spinelli was tough, but she was also sweet; she was always a loyal friend, quick to defend her gang, and did not mince words on the playground. (I think I learned the term “lummox” from her. In fact, I know I did.) So while she chafed against her family’s expectations for a perfect little girl, roughhoused with her brother, and struggled with her identity – I mean, was there a more dramatic ‘90s reveal than the name “Ashley Spinelli? – Spinelli did it with a conscience, while rocking a dress and motorcycle boots. In fourth grade! She didn’t take shit from anyone, and even bounced back from calling the teacher “Mommy.” Plus, she was totally into T.J. And I don’t blame her for that.

So here is my playlist, inspired by a moody, dramatic cartoon child borne of the 1990s. Though she be but little, she is fierce.