mp3: "Small Investments" - Jawbreaker Reunion

Photo: Andrew Piccone 

Photo: Andrew Piccone 

When heartbreak happens it can be hard to gather your thoughts. So it would make sense that after a break-up that totally sucked, Jawbreaker Reunion bites back at the asshole that left them reeling. "Small Investments" is a powerful punch - a guitar-fueled declaration of self-worth. "I don't want to miss you, I don't want to kiss you....I'm glad you're not coming back." "Small Investments" is a subtle reminder that the sweetest and shortest bursts of pop can also be the most impactful. 

Haha and then what :) is out 2/26.

Pop Quiz: Feels

Photos: Le'Donne Morris

Photos: Le'Donne Morris

In case you missed the glorious news, Feels will soon release their debut self-titled LP (February 26 to be exact). Ahead of that release, the band has been giving glimpses of singles, including the killer "Close My Eyes." They were kind enough to take a break from all the noise to take a Pop Quiz for us!

The Grey Estates: What would the title of the Feels Netflix documentary be?

Michael: What are these Feels
Shana: Feels: today we play, tomorrow we play again
Amy: Fuck it. Because we would be very reluctant to do such a thing.
Laena: FEELS

TGE: Describe your perfect breakfast.

Michael: Lump crab Benedict prepared to perfection
Shannon: At noon with friends, under 10 dollars.
Amy: A damn fine cup of black coffee, a glass of champagne, fresh squeezed orange juice, and a bottle of bud. And a bowl of tropical fruit, like mangoes and pineapple.
Laena: coffee, potatoes, over-medium eggs, and some green thing like spinach or brussel sprouts.

TGE: What's some of the most recent music you've been obsessed with?

Michael: Tycho
Shannon: The last 2 records I bought were Rudimentary Peni-death church and The Gun Club-mother Juno, also been really into cleaners from Venus lately.
Amy: Jimmy Reed. I wake up in the morning and pop on this one record of his non-stop, Side A to Side B back to Side A again. Really really good music just never gets old.
Laena: Adult Books are putting out a new album and it's really cool.

TGE: What would your cute spirit animal be and feel free to include a picture.

TGE: If you could learn any other musical instrument what would it be?

Michael: Trumpet
Shannon: I've always wanted to get a harp, I've never played a big instrument like that, seems like fun.
Amy: The harp. They are so expensive to own and I can only imagine how frustrating they are to learn. I grew up with a piano in my house and I guess you can say it was my first instrument learned. We got an electric Wurlitzer downstairs now and I've recently started to write songs on it again. Piano is like a harp in a box.
Laena: piano

TGE: If you could play with any band, living or deceased, who would it be?

Michael: King Crimson or Stooges
Shannon: Buzzcocks
Amy: Definitely The Doors, I think it would be a spiritual experience.
Laena: David Bowie

TGE: What's been one of your most memorable moments as a band?

Michael: Playing rocket boat. Playing live in the middle of the ocean while the sun set is pure magic.
Shannon: Playing at Pompeii was really great, lotta memories...but I'd have to say that Donut at that one place.
Amy: Our drive to Canada this last tour we did with LA Witch. We seemed to be on the road the exact same time this crazy storm was happening but we were always slightly behind it. There was a mudslide on the 5N and they closed it down. After sitting in a long line of traffic for a couple hours, we were told to hang in the Walmart parking lot til the road re-opened in 4 hours give or take. Seemed crazy to me, and we had a show in Vancouver that night, still 6 hours away even in the best of conditions. Consulted with LA Witch who were in their own van, and decided to backtrack to Portland and hop on the 60- The one road everyone and their mom were trying to use to head north. We moved about a mile in an hour. That wasn't cutting it, so I dug deep in Google Maps and found us a squirrely country road to take. It was dark by then and the wind was howling and fallen trees scattered here and there. Eventually, after being in the van for 13 hours, we made it to Vancouver, took some shots, and played one hell of a show. The most miraculous part of the story though, is even after being confined to a small metal box for that long, we all got along like lambs.
Laena: The morning after we all had to sleep crammed in the van this one time in San Francisco and NO ONE complained once- everyone had a super positive attitude and we laughed it off and got breakfast, and I thought to myself "We can do anything!" 

TGE: Describe your new album using three emojis.

Michael:  😘💪😱
Shannon:  ⚡️❤️🍻
Amy:  ⛓🔥⛓
Laena:  🔥⚡️🖖

TGE: What did you want to be when you grew up?

Michael: Fighter pilot
Shannon: A sweetheart
Amy: Astronaut, or Special Agent for the X-Files
Laena: lawyer defending the environment or abused women

TGE: If you have any tattoos, what was your first one?

Michael: Perry on my chest, it's my grandmothers name and my middle name, 18 years old
Shannon: My first one is on my leg, it's Marge Simpson as a pin up girl, it's friggin huge haha, I love that one more every day.
Amy: Cyclops maneki-neko (Japanese good luck cat)
Laena: No tattoos

TGE: Which character of the Simpsons best represents each member of Feels?

Michael: Duff man
Shannon: Michael-Disco Stu, Amy-Maggie, Laena-Carl, Shannon-Lenny
Amy: I got to agree with Shannon's answers on this one, though I've always felt a strong attraction to Dolph aka Dolphin Starbeam. He's thought to be this kick-yr-ass bully but he's actually really sensitive and into art. Also, THAT NAME! C'mon now!!
Laena: I just took a "Which Simpsons Character Are You?" Quiz and got Crazy Cat Lady.

Guest Mix: Smitten Kitten

Today's ~love~ Guest Mix comes from Katryn Macko of Naps! Below her lovely art you'll find a Spotify playlist and track list! Meow!


  • "Asleep and Dreaming" - The Magnetic Fields
  • "The Promise" - When In Rome
  • "Dreams" - The Cranberries
  • "Love on Top" - Beyonce
  • "Sugarcube" - Yo La Tengo
  • "Head Over Feet" - Alanis Morrisette
  • "Just Like Heaven" - The Cure
  • "Flower" - Liz Phair
  • "I Never" - Rilo Kiley
  • "Say Yes" - Elliott Smith
  • "It's Love" - The Softies
  • "Simeon's Dilemma" - Why?

video: "For You" - Free Cake For Every Creature

Photo: Allyssa Yohana

Photo: Allyssa Yohana

Nothing says true love like leaving behind a doughnut for your boo. I mean that's my definition of true love, and I guess it's Free Cake For Every Creature's, too. "For You" is the most exuberant love song we've heard this year. It's romantic in a childlike and innocent ways, the kind of gooey, lovesick sentiments that are more cutesy and sincere than most of what you'll find in greeting cards. "You are the brownie to my TV dinner." "For you I'd steal a 50 cent machine, and we won't need money or anything." Play this one for your Valentine.

"For You" comes from Talking Quietly of Anything With You out 4/15/16 through Double Double Whammy.

Guest Mix: Everybody Needs a Valentine

This week we're celebrating all things love with a series of Guest Mixes! Kicking things off is Lily Mastrodimos, who you might know from Jawbreaker Reunion or Long Neck. 

You can read up on why she chose each track below, as well as a little behind the mix!

My favorite Valentine’s Day moment was last year, when my parents sent me, but not my sister, a box of chocolate covered strawberries because I was single and she was not. Their reasoning was “Everybody needs a Valentine”. It was bittersweet, and actually made me pretty sad for a little bit. But in the end I didn’t mind and I ate the whole box that night, cos fuck it, I didn’t have to share with anyone, more for me! A year later, I’m still living the ~single life~, and with my least favorite holiday approaching I turn to my favorite love/crush songs to drown out all the red and pink and candlelit dinners and stuffed bears (not the chocolate strawberries though—I will take one box please, now accepting secret admirers). My playlist was constructed with the idea in mind that everybody deserves the best, everyone deserves someone who will treat them with the utmost respect and care, and loves them wholeheartedly. Most of the songs are based on severe longing, but all are proclamations of love and emotion. Everybody may not need a Valentine, but everybody deserves to be wholly, eternally, and truly loved.
  1. The Max Levine Ensemble – “It’s Make Out Time!”Ever just wanna throw your arms around someone and kiss them a bunch? Same.
  2. Poor Things – “I Will" (Beatles cover) There are maybe millions of Beatles covers out in this world, but this is by far the best one. Poor Things put motion into this song, and the result sparkles with electricity and new earnestness.
  3. Nice Try – “No Good” This is how I feel about 95-100% of the time.
  4. Tarkio – “Tristan and Iseult” Before Colin Meloy founded the Decemberists, he was the lanky 20-something frontman of the folk band Tarkio. While Tarkio didn’t dwell on sailors or magic fawns like the Decemberists are wont to do, many of the classic literary elements of Meloy’s writing also gleam through Tarkio’s songs. There is a bare emotional clarity with Tarkio that sometimes you have to really dig for in Decemberists songs. In “Tristan and Iseult”, Meloy reworks the Celtic myth of two lovers into a story about modern day couple going out to town. The line “God I love you, but you trouble me” kills me every single time.
  5. Nana Grizol – “Tambourine-N-Thyme” Nana Grizol is the best band in the whole world. This song swells from the start as Theo Hilton sings about falling in love with someone who will never feel the same. I love this song because it finds its strength in the idea of honesty and openness. You have to learn to be ok with the fact that someone may not feel the same way about you as you do for them, and in that process you learn to be comfortable with yourself. “When you sit here by my side, whatever that implies would be just fine” is an amazing lyric and hits me hard. Just knowing that someone is a part of your life can be so extraordinary sometimes, and you can still love them in whatever role they fill.
  6. Angel Olsen – “The Waiting" When you feel like screaming your romantic frustrations into the sky, I suggest letting this song play in the background.
  7. High Dive – “Untouched” This song crashes into existence with such force that it could make your heart skip a beat.
  8. Big Star – “Thirteen” I will put this on every love playlist I ever make until the day I die. This song is everything to me. Letting love happen naturally, not forcing a relationship into existence, being OK with whatever the outcome of your honesty is. “Thirteen” is one of the most important songs ever written, and one of the best love songs in the galaxy.
  9. Dreamdate – “All I Want Is You” Sweet and simple, knowing what and who you need. You deserve to find the other half of your harmony! Find your perfect fit!
  10. Swearin’ – “Just” “I JUST WANT YOU TO LOVE ME” I have wanted to scream this into the heavens many, many a time. This is a perfect pop song. Getting caught off guard by feelings is something I think most everyone can relate to, like “holy shit WHERE DID THESE COME FROM” and then being frustrated because you just want the other person to have that realization too.
  11. Yeah Yeah Yeahs – “Hysteric" (acoustic): Karen O is a goddess, and while “Maps” is the classic YYYs love song, I think this one gets tragically overlooked. O’s acoustic songs are so beautiful, and the acoustic version of “Hysteric” can take the air out of your lungs. “You suddenly complete me” is a brilliant, brilliant line. The realization that you’re in love with someone, the surprise that is hands you, and the joy you feel in your heart. This song messes me up 100% of the time.
  12. Tacocat – “Chinchilla” SATAN SUCKS BUT YOU’RE THE BEST <3 <3  honestly this is the cutest love song in existence, I love Tacocat so much.
  13. Told Slant – “Pine Tree Lines” Feeling lonely is the worst feeling in the world, especially in the context of romance. “I am the girl my parents made, why don’t you love me anyway?” is a shot straight into the heart, it makes me keel over and it makes me want to cry. You want to explain everything to the person you love, you want them to see that this is who you are, and you want to know why they still don’t love you back. It’s frustrating and infuriating and in the end you’re tired of fighting it and all you can manage is a whisper.
  14. Laura Stevenson – “The Move" It’s their turn, you’ve put your heart and soul into trying to make something happen. If they’re interested, that’s amazing, if not, that’s fine, their loss.
  15. Nanuchka – “Red Ripped Shirt” “If you asked the shadows what they think about the sun, they’d say they wouldn’t be able to live without it. If you ask me what I think about your smile, I’d say I wouldn’t be able to live without it.” Fuck me the fuck up.
  16. Someone Still Loves You Boris Yeltsin – “I am Warm and Powerful” Spending time with someone you love, being worried about each other, knowing you at least have each other when you feel the most alone, being confused about how you feel about them. It’s all here! And you don’t know what it all means! All you know is that you’ve been thinking a lot about them, and they mean the world to you.

mp3: "Alligators" - Cherry

"Alligators" is kind of the perfect song for this month of love. It talks of the crazy lengths one will go for that person they love, and the video from Craig Scheihing enlivens the whole thing with neon lights and a few familiar faces. 

The track comes from Cherry, the latest signee to Lame-O Records and the band's EP will be out February 19.

video: "New Future" - Candace

Words: Jordan Gorsuch

The concept of being “sent” was popularized during the late 60s. Young adults were terrified by the state of the world, Americans were disgusted by the injustice of the Vietnam War, and civil rights issues started to shape the direction of a brave new world. With so much strife and oppression in the world, many found refuge in soundscapes and ideals that music could provide. The ability to be transported on musical tidal waves to a controlled, measured world where “all you need is love” was endlessly appealing. Portland, Oregon trio Candace (formally known as Is/Is) have delivered an irresistible new single that acts as a conduit for new horizons. “New Future” is a warm, washed-out, slow burn track that highlights the band’s evolving maturity. Reverb drenched guitars provide unique sonic textures and lovely ghost-like guitar leads over a smooth low-end bassline. The song comes to a head with a soaring guitar swell, and a myriad of dreamy textures turn into a pleasing sonic tapestry while the vocals mix and interact with a second set of background vocals. It’s a joy to be sent by this band to a dreamier world, too bad it only lasts five blissful minutes. Keep your ear to the ground for more details on New Future, due for release March 22 via Found Object.

mp3: "Last Year" - ROMP

Words: Jordan Gorsuch

New Brunswick's ROMP released their solid debut EP Sorry, Not Sorry this past fall, and they just dropped a new single, “Last Year” in preparation for their new debut full length. “Last Year” has its fits and starts, ping-ponging from dreamy indie-pop laden melodies to quick bursts of nimble percussion and guitar strums. “There is something in my head/ Telling me to make a change, to run,” Madison Klarer sings on the song’s killer chorus. The lyrics describe the experience of gnawing doubt of your actions and the inner struggle to try and smash old habits. “And if I do say so myself/ I better find someone else to help me out” Klarer reveals toward the end of the song. Whether we would like to admit it or not, our willpower may not be enough to exorcise wanton demons. Departure From Venus is out on March 4. It comes out on vinyl/digital via Bad Timing Records (pre-order) and cassette via Funeral Sounds (pre-order).

video premiere: "Cubito Aequet" - The Lopez

Pittsburgh's very own The Lopez gives the video treatment to single, "Cubito Aequet," a track from their upcoming 7" - Kill Your Selfie. 

In the video, from Glass Light Films, the band has a lot of costumed fun throughout a rotating backdrop of scenes. Keep your ears turned for more fuzzy fun when Kill Your Selfie, recorded and mixed by Madeline Campbell at Treelady, drops in April. In the meantime, you can just play this single on repeat or pick up a past release from the band! 

Video by: Glass Light Films. Song by: The Lopez. Recorded/Mixed by: Madeleine Campbell. Mastered by: Carl Saff.

mp3: "Social Skills" - Naps

I'm bad at this myself, but if we take a peek out from behind our screens a whole wonderful world awaits. Naps takes on these lack of social skills in their playfully looped and warped single "Social Skills." It's an appropriately twisted single that looks at our generation - one that's medicated, totally lost, silent in our struggles and looking for answers, directions and even identity from behind the safety of our screens. 

The single comes from Lavender Sounds, a new project of the band's own Viridian Sounds. It's also featured on an upcoming split EP with Yikes, released later this year through It Takes Time Records.

mp3: "Make It Right" - The Coathangers

The Coathangers are essentially the girls in high school I wish I was best friends with. You know the ones, they always looked like total bad asses and after school they definitely weren't doing their homework. Anyways, my favorite Atlanta trio has returned to steal our hearts and blow out our ears with more straight up rock and roll. 

"Make it Right," is the first single from Nosebleed Heaven their fifth studio album out 4/15 through Suicide Squeeze Records. It's about making the amends after the fact, and knowing that you'll never escape any of the disasters you thought were in your past, at least that's what it means to me. Guess you'll have to take this adventure for yourself.