mp3 premiere: "Capture" - Seo

On single, "Capture" Seo (Seo Yaki) pieces together bits of ideas, instrumentals and vocals to perfectly emulate the times in life where it all passes by too quickly, and our mind is left hazy, fuzzy and struggling to recall it all. "Capture" is dreamy and trancelike, its unhurried pacing, Yaki's hazy, careful vocals, and the peeks of various sounds - soft strings, warped and looped vocals, quickly passing percussion - all serve to transport you to a place where one must close their eyes and absorb it. The track comes from Seo's May 26th tape release on Healthy Tapes. While we eagerly await the release date, Seo was kind enough to share a little more behind the song:

"Sometimes the significance of memories and the highs and lows of life are too complex to truly be captured by film or frame, and sometimes even your own head/memory struggles to recall details as vividly as one would like. The only way to ‘capture' is to re-experience the event, which is why the song’s message is to be aware of this so that later on you don’t regret not being fully present or engaged in the moment.”

mp3: "Just Can't Get Enough" - Sheer Mag

photo: Marie Lin

photo: Marie Lin

Sheer Mag is releasing a debut album on July 14 and we've been rejoicing at the news all week! While their previously released single, "Nobody's Baby" was a declaration of independence, "Just Can't Get Enough" welcome romance and love, with a rock and roll soundtrack that burns with passion. Like much of their previous material, Sheer Mag 's latest single remains unhinged and fun, the distinct gravelly vocals of Tina leading you through the dizzying tunnel of love. In a press release the band explains that,

"Just Can't Get Enough' is a straight up and down rock ballad about ACTUALLY being in love, which is something we don't often write about without being cynical in some way. Being away from the one you love is hard. This song speaks as if that feeling for that person is something as natural and powerful as a gravitational pull."

mp3: "Render" - Pallas

A brief moment is all you need to make an impact, and with little more than a minute, Pallas will leave your head spinning. Our eternal friends at GoldFlakePaint first shared the magic of the band's "Render" with us. The track of breakneck speed comes from the band's self-titled debut out 5/26. It's pacing is stunning, leaving you with whiplash from the tumultuous tunnel of noise - grungy, unkempt guitar, snapping thwacks of percussion and vocals that reach a howled out conclusion. It's much like a roller coaster ride, a slow rise to the top, leading to a conclusion that passes in an instant. And just like your favorite ride, this single can be played again and again to soak up everything you missed or to enjoy the thrill again.

mp3: "5am" - Chastity Belt

photo: Conner Lyons 

photo: Conner Lyons 

We've all had that moment where we awaken before the sun or maybe just never fell asleep, and instead we toss and turn, ruminating on everything we want to change, all the things that are wrong, the moments we want to erase, the panic that keeps us awake. It's uncomfortable, and scary, knowing our mind can control so much. And Chastity Belt puts that discomfort to song in single "5am." It's the latest single from the band's upcoming June 2nd release I Used to Spend So Much Time Alone. Much like those nights of anxiety and fear, the song begins innocently enough, but the lyrics soon set the stage - "It's 5 a.m. and I'm full of hate." The weight of the early morning and the "immediate urge to get everything all straight," soon becomes apparent, the song rapidly unfurling - the rage and unease leading to one hell of a conclusion. "5am" puts insomnia riddled nights of anger and uncertainty to song and it's what you can reach for the next time you catch yourself counting down the hours until the alarm goes off.

7": Our Girl

The digital version of the 7" from Our Girl opens with a slick cover of Ty Segall's "Sad", and it's the first indication of what a promising, powerful talent the band is. The limited edition release of singles "Being Around" and "No Big Deal" brings a refreshing, ferocious, and razor-sharp take to garage rock, delivering on a pair of walloping singles that hit you, hard. "Being Around" centers on a premonition, a feeling of changes soon to come, the uncertainty reflected in airy, breezy vocals that float above the thunderous noise below, guitars and drum that rise and fall, leading you to a combative climax, where it all comes together. "No Big Deal" features the same breathy soprano, this time the whispering leading to screams, and dark, metallic fuzz. The 7" swallows you whole, finding brilliant beauty in the midst of chaos. 

mp3: "Know A Man" & "It's Fine" - Hello, I'm Sorry


Seattle's Hello, I'm Sorry released two singles, both of which are breezy, and sun-kissed, their easiness and unhurried emotion made perfect for summer days of staring into cloudless skies. "Know A Man" actually sings of summer, and the beauty in throwing back the drapes, and feeling it all. Vocals hued in fuzz barely rise above the casual strings and drums, like a summer secret you have to listen to intently to fully unearth. Fellow single, "It's Fine" is pensive, and though its instrumental mood is light, the story of knowing "we could never be what I planned," is anything but. It's hushed and billowing, a perfect match for a track that sings of feeling safe on a porch watching the sunset with someone you care for. Together, the tracks are made for summer days of laying on a colorful blanket and daydreaming. 

mp3: "I Don't Wanna Leave" - Blushh

Shab Ferdowsi aka Blushh fuels anger and uncertainty into grungy noise that sticks to you. Single "I Don't Wanna Leave" comes from the band's debut EP out in June and it's a collection of quick laments, a promise to leave someone who refuses to feel and never come back. It's a powerful punch of guitar, drums and vocals, a statement on self-worth and leaving behind the things and people that make you feel bad or blue, even if it's hard. It's impactful and pretty unforgettable. 

The Grey Estates Podcast: Eva Hendricks (Charly Bliss)

Last month, Charly Bliss released one of our favorite albums in recent memory - Guppy. It's fun, self-described "bubblegrunge" that we haven't been able to stop listening to. The band is currently on the road touring in support, and Eva Hendricks was kind enough to join us on the podcast to talk Shark Tank, dream merch items and a future Charly Bliss video idea that could potentially be the greatest thing I've ever heard of. Fellow Charly Bliss bandmates also make a cameo and the episode is totally fun from start to finish.

video: "Captain's Dead" - The Coathangers

Count on The Coathangers to make one of the sickest videos of the year. "Captain's Dead" from their Parasite EP receives the video treatment, complete with cheerleaders, a ping-pong filled bathtub and a house show with the band as the stars. It comes packed with as much as personality and spirit as the band, and the addition of spooky dolls and masks make for a video that's creepy but fun. We're in love.