Album of the Week: It Could Be You - Chattel Tail

Those mistakes that mark your twenties are yours to keep and hide away, unless your Chattel Tail, and in that case you turn them into song.

The Pittsburgh-based act describes their tunes as such - "the musical poetry product of being a twenty something desperately trying to do the right thing/fucking up relentlessly....twee and sad."

And it's true, the grim, but expected hallmarks of adulthood - rejection, being overshadowed and forgotten by self-important people, longing, secrets and total confusion - define the music of this simply sweet four-piece. 

From the moment It Could Be You begins vocalist Laura Lee Burkhardt softly takes our hand and guides us into their world of  confessions and headlong instrumentals from bandmates Annajane Lowe and Dylan Chieffalo. Wading through their headspace is an exploration worth repeating - with each listen revealing a bit more behind their confessions. 

Artist: The Wind and the Sea

Photos: Guantanamo Baywatch at The Smell, Los Angeles, California (3/4/16)