Album of the Week: Dream Phone - Dream Phone

Everything about the debut release from Dream Phone screams summer fun. It’s a reminder of perfectly sunny days, of hitting the beach with your best gal pals or driving off in your hot-pink convertible towards a setting sun. This is the tape you need to keep that carefree spirit of summer alive, even when we’re inching closer and closer towards cold.

Dream Phone is a collection of some of the most talented female musicians in Pittsburgh, with their various backgrounds coming together for a perfect swell of vintage meets modern day garage pop. Essentially, it’s the Steel City’s answer to La Luz or Shannon and the Clams, except this five-pieces comes with their own imaginative and razor-sharp ideals.

The self-titled debut feels like an infinite technicolor dance party, where you can lose yourself in a soundtrack of swooning over summer love (”Bloomfield Beach”), pining after someone to sweep you off your feet (”Someone to Love”) and just reveling in the energy of summer. It’s garage pop as it’s meant to be - memorable and energetic. 


mp3: “Cult of Personality” & “So Sad, So Sad” - VARSITY

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