Album of the Week: Life Rips - Mommy Longs Legs


Life Rips takes me back to everything I loved about being a teenager - first crushes, pillow fights at sleepovers, picking up the latest copy of J-14 just to read my horoscope and discovering that I was totally okay with being me.

The 7-track LP is the debut from Mommy Long Legs (great name btw), a Seattle-based four piece. Their irreverent bratty punk is technicolored and unforgettable, painting images of spying on frappucino dates of “Yuppie Moms,” the late night fun of “Slumber Party,” hair braiding and nail painting included, and the collection of “Sad Boys” we all fall for despite knowing they’re “so fucking lazy.” 

Instead of passing notes my friends and I passed a notebook, filled with gel-pen drawings, quickly scribbled cursive about the boys we were crushing on and weekend plans to catch a movie or hit the mall. Life Rips brings those youthful daydream to life in a punched up, blast of fun. Slip back into your teenage hey-day, Art Stuff body glitter optional. 


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