EP: Dammit Shari - THICK

As a female, there’s often these super shitty rules or ways that society feels you should confirm to. I often experience the pressure of acting, being or existing in a way that’s considered normal or appropriate. The great thing is though, that doesn’t mean we always have to obey, and in the music of THICK we all can find the freedom to be ourselves. 

The Brooklyn trio just released Dammit Shari - an EP of intensely blown out punk jams that will have you shouting for your independence, or at the very least declaring your right to “Be Myself.” It’s an album of gnarly, boot-stomping encouragement, a not so gentle shove to embrace your wild side - whether that includes partying with your clothes off or pissing off you parental unit remains entirely up to you. THICK even closes out the release with a nod to the beau we’ve all accidentally fallen for when the haze of cheap beer takes the reigns.  Dammit Shari is all about knowing that nothing stands in your way of being you, and sometimes we just need a  gunning punk soundtrack to remind us of that.


mp3: "Giant Fade" - William Alexander

Artist: Squirrel Flower