EP: Hate It Here - Pom-Pom Squad


On Pom-Pom Squad's Hate It Here, Mia Berrin, along with bandmates Alex Carr and Zoltán Sindhu create lovelorn and poetic, fuzzy garage pop that's made for peering into darkened summer skies and counting the stars. It encompasses the endless rush of emotions that so often accompany crushing, love and life, spilling out with a spellbinding quality. From the inability to escape bed and darkness when your heart is ripped to shreds ("Protection Spells") to the adolescent confusion of being unable to find yourself that continue even into adulthood ("Hate It Here"), Pom-Pom Squad sings of everything we all fear and feel. Whether urgent and unhinged or soft and subtle, Pom-Pom Squad's EP is an auditory demonstration of growth, beginning with despair and uncertainty and ending with a strong, bold beautiful declaration - "I will look you in the eyes and feel nothing." In a matter of four tracks, Pom-Pom Squad shares their whole heart with us and its resounding heartbeat sticks with you long after its conclusion.

Interview: The City and Horses

photos: The Courtneys with Matt Lamkin (of The Soft Pack), and French Vanilla at Resident (4/15/17)