video: "Hunter" - Old Game

One of my favorite things is letting the artist behind the work speak. Watching this video for Pittsburgh’s Old Game you can certainly form your own conceptions about what the band is trying to say, but for this particular write-up we went straight to the artist. Brenda Leeds was kind enough to provide a little insight into the band and video, which you can read below the jump!

“Old Game, formerly known as Good Thing, started when Brenda approached Thom at the Bloomfield Bridge Tavern in 2011 and told him that she had a song they would sing together.; two people that hadn’t met before, but have remained glued together ever since. Over the past few years our sound has grown with the addition of our pals Greg Wojo and Richie Gendek; extremely talented musicians who are constantly challenging the songwriting process and bringing new depth to the music. 

 If you have ever felt like you can’t get far enough away from the person you love, then you know “Hunter.” Chills, rapid breathing; basic fight or flight is triggered. We have all experienced this mix of fear, anger, sadness and grief. After Ramming Speed Pictures pitched the video concept to us, we knew we wanted to take this ever developing song back into studio. Like most Old Game tunes, this was a collaborative effort because Brenda had cathartically expelled the lyrics and basics of the song years ago, but Thom swooped in with a catchy guitar riff and helped build the structure. Greg and Richie provide the strong backbone that a song like this requires. 

You can hear the heartbeat of the distancer in the drums as the bass line pursues. The making of the video was an entirely new experience for Old Game. We didn’t just want to be involved in the process; we were actors. With little training in theater arts, we spent multiple nights rehearsing in a baseball field getting heckled by passerby on the Bloomfield Bridge. The video itself was shot 2 hours away in Patton, PA. We hauled a bedroom set, our instruments, and film equipment a mile into the hilly, Pennsylvania woods; INTO THE WOODS. We had only a four wheeler and our 10 hands and feet; exhausting and so worth it. The days were spent building the set, like the bridge that was constructed over a swamp for Brenda to safely run over, and the spooky trail for the nightmare, or should we say dream? We have all been hunted and we have all pushed those we love most away with terribly destructive methods. We are Hunter.

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