mp3: "Baby in Blue Jeans" - L.A. Witch

The music of L.A. Witch has always felt cinematic, their dusted up guitar, slow and steady percussion and goosebump inducing vocals transporting you straight into the heart of a sticky, desert night. "Baby in Blue Jeans" takes these elements to the next level in a swirling 4 and a half minutes that grabs your attention from the start and never relents. It's a slow burner, as if you're watching the smoke rise from a cigarette in the dead of night at a creepy, nearly empty roadside bar. Close your eyes and imagine you're the only person the world watching the trio pour their hearts out on stage, vocalist Sade Sanchez delivering on a howling ballad that comes across as a heartbroken secret, bandmates Irita Pai and Ellie English setting a thick wall of noise with instrumentals that sound worldweary and sad, but also hopeful for what's ahead. For just a few minutes, close your eyes and let L.A. Witch transport you somewhere else entirely. Their self-titled debut is out 9/8 on Suicide Squeeze.

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