mp3: "Close My Eyes" - Tomemitsu & "Fear" - Alexei Shishkin

Two of our favorite artists - Tomemitsu and Alexei Shishkin are teaming up for a Forged Artifacts split - Had A Dream. Ahead of the April 14 release, the artists shared two singles - the first is the noisy, fuzzy-filled soundscape of Tomemitu's "Close My Eyes." A tale of disappearing into closed eyes blends together with its backing, creating a fantastical listening experience that's more than suiting for a message of tightly closing your eyes, and clinging to the dreams you so desperately desire. The cutting guitars, and perpetual waves of noise engulf you, leading you straight into a dream world. Alexei Shishkin's contribution is equally as stunning, though more breezy, and light - husky vocals floating by. This tale of the mind is anxiety-ridden, admittance of fears and the inability to relax a mind. For the heart-racing anxiety that it seems to describe, Shishkin's take is so unlike what you'd expect. It's an airy, calming way of peering at anxiety. Together, the singles are a beautiful glimpse at a promising release. 

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