mp3: "Dog" - Widowspeak

The music of Widowspeak has oft had an otherworldly charm about it, and latest single "Dog" is no exception. In the lead track from their upcoming album, Expect the Best out 8/25 the duo, now turned quartet invites us in a dimly-lit neon world where all is magic and unhurried. Its beauty is immediately striking, and beneath the swirling noise and Molly Hamilton's smoky soprano is an ideal that all of us in a world of social media can relate to. Hamilton explained to NPR that the track is " about the compulsion to move on from things and places, even people, when you're not necessarily ready to. Sometimes, I get caught up in 'the grass is always greener' mentalities, or cling to an idea that 'I'd be happy if...' and then make a drastic change. Then, inevitably, I feel restless a few months later and it starts again." Take a moment to soak in the song and just breathe.

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