mp3 premiere: "Low Power Mode" - Hardly Boys

It's been nearly a year since we last heard from Hardly Boys, but that's just too long! Thankfully the wait is over!

Today we're excited to welcome the band back with "Low Power Mode." It's a swaying, sweet single of fuzzy garage rock, with the band tackling the misplaced friendships and fakeness of Internet relationships. If you've ever longed for the immediate closeness and physical contact from the one you love that's hidden behind the screen, this is the track for you. It's fast rhythms and rolling attitude make it perfect for blasting at full volume, letting the noise take up the space that your digital beau can't.

It's the first track from their debut album Dear Diarrhea which was recorded in about 6 days by Bob Martin, who also recorded Emma Lee Toyoda's Sewn Me Anew. The album is a collection of songs old and new, described by the band as 10% music, 90% comedy.  Dear Diarrhea will be released in late June on Make Fart Records. Look out for singles, videos, and shows coming soon!

interview: bonny doon

Creator Chats: Kenny Tompkins (Yellow K Records) & Katie Garcia (Bayonet Records)