Pop Quiz: Diet Cig


Pop Quiz: Diet Cig

We are in love with Diet Cig, and are so stoked their Back 2 School Tour brings them to Spirit in Pittsburgh on September 27th. Ahead of that date the band was kind enough to take a Pop Quiz (legit, it’s my new favorite one) in which they shared school photos and their dream merch items. PLUS: Pittsburgh fans have a chance to win a pair of tickets to their show. Head on down to the post below or enter on our Facebook page! 

The Grey Estates: What’s your favorite part about touring? 

Diet Cig: Probably meeting everyone’s dogs… and all the amazing bands we get to play with! but mostly the dogs. 

TGE: Since this is the Back to School tour, what was your favorite subject in school and did you have any super embarrassing or just memorable moments? I threw up once on a friend in an assembly. Also, if possible could you share your school photo? I’ll share mine. 


DC: I used to love biology, I got one of the highest scores on my AP Bio exam in 10th grade! I was really proud of that. Noah has no school pics, but here is the most embarrassing pic we could find! Here’s my 3rd grade photo, I was trying to hypnotize someone I think. The most embarrassing thing that’s ever happened to me in school was forgetting my lines as Brigitta in the Sound of Music and going on a 15 minute ad libbed rant about hair styles while I tried to remember my real lines. 

TGE: If you had an onstage posse like Taylor Swift, who would be in it? Taylor Swift is an acceptable answer.

DC: Omg definitely Jessi Frick, Meryl Streep, North West and my sister Kailee. Tay Tay can come too. I’ll have them all onstage at the F/D + Miscreant CMJ show. 

TGE: What’s on the Diet Cig tour playlist?

DC: Sooo much cheesy 2000s pop punk because those are the only CDs we scrounged up from our childhood bedrooms. When we are graced with cell service we jam out to Hop Along, Bully, Frankie Cosmos and All Dogs… can’t get enough of them!!!

TGE: Besides the dream show with Sheer Mag, what other bands would you most want to play with?

DC: First off we CANT WAIT for the Sheer Mag show… going to be mind blowing. We dream about playing with honestly all of the bands we’ve been listening to in the car. They’re all so dreamy <3_<3

TGE: Who would you most want to go on a dinner date with?

DC: I want to dinner date with the entire Kardashian/Jenner crew, maybe invite Cher and Serena Willams too. Noah would wanna chow with Blake Griffin, they’d be total buds.

TGE: What is the Diet Cig dream merch item?

TGE: What is your favorite tour snack or just snack?

DC: Pickles! Every time we stop at a grocery store we grab a jar and eat like the whole thing right then. Nothing is better.

TGE: What famous television duo would you most compare your Diet Cig bandship to?

DC: The Wonder Twins! Noah is always just turning into a bucket of water. 

TGE: Has there been a moment so far as a band that’s been totally surreal or just super favorite for you?

DC: The most surreal thing was the first time we played a show and there were kids who knew all the words! That will always feel unreal… like there are people out there who get us! and they listen to what we’re saying! It’s seriously insane. 

TGE: What would be the title of the Diet Cig Netflix band documentary?

DC: Ummm probably “I Just Wanna Dance” but the tour doc would be called  “Stop Farting in The Car” or maybe 

TGE: Give us a Diet Cig fun fact.

DC: We dance around to Shake It Off before we go onstage at all of our shows!

Photos: Cool Ghouls, The Memories, Shannon & the Clams at the El Rey Theatre (9/23/15)

Guest Mix: Track & Field Records