Pop Quiz: Upset


In what is a true dream tour Upset have hit the road with Colleen Green for a series of dates that bring them to our fine city of Pittsburgh this Saturday! Before you head over to the show at Modern Formations Gallery, the gals were kind enough to answer a few of our ridiculous Pop Quiz questions.

The Grey Estates: What brought this dream paring together for a tour?

Ali: Back in December Colleen asked if we’d wanna tour with her in April. We’re all friends and hang out outside of the music scene so it was a no brainer.

The Grey Estates: If you could add any one band to the tour who would you choose?

Ali: Rachel’s other band SLUTEVER so there would only be one more person in the van and we could have three bands in one van. That’s the dream.
Rachel: Chastity Belt is killing it right now.  

The Grey Estates: Is there a place that you’re most excited to visit or that you’ve never been and want to see?

Ali: I think we’re all really looking forward to our 4/20 show in Seattle. ️
Lauren: What she said ^^^ the weed

The Grey Estates: What’s on the road trip playlist?

Ali: We are covering Tiger Trap - Supreme Nothing on this tour and we all learned at practice yesterday that Rachel never got into them so Patty and I are working on a twee playlist.
Rachel: Super into screaming along to Paramore’s self-titled album while driving.
Ali: Yes, that. Always that.
Lauren: I’m bringing Taylor Swift - 1989 on CD for sing alongs.

The Grey Estates: If you were going to do a show of only covers which bands or songs would you choose?

Ali: We already cover Jawbreaker, Green Day, 7 Seconds, Tiger Trap, Guided By Voices and Brand New. I think all we’re missing is a Weezer cover.

The Grey Estates: Since Upset’s ‘76 is out on tape, what are some of your favorite tapes or what was your first tape you bought?

Ali: The first tape I bought was Ace of Base -  The Sign.
Lauren: Descendents - Somery

The Grey Estates: In keeping with Colleen’s newest album, what’s your guilty TV pleasure or what’s a show you can’t miss?

Ali: Rachel comes over my house to watch all the reality TV with my boyfriend (The Bachelor/ette, Real World, Kardashians, Party Down South).
Lauren: I’m a big fan of Dance Moms.
Rachel: Teen Mom and Dance Moms are my two current obsessions. I don’t really believe in guilty TV pleasures-reality TV is an art.

The Grey Estates: What would be the Colleen Green/Upset tour spirit animal?


The Grey Estates: Give us an Upset fun fact.

Ali: Rachel is in Colleen’s new music video. I was supposed to be there too but I had a stomach virus that day.

The Grey Estates: In Pittsburgh, we have “Primati Brothers” which basically throws everything on a sandwich. Tell us what would be on your dream sandwich.

Ali: Another sandwich

The show is on Saturday at 8 p.m. with local openers Lopez and The Dumplings. Upset’s newest release 76 is out now on tape. 
Photo Credit: Cheryl Groff

Guest Mix: Total Love

mp3: “Pearl and Oyster” - The Muscadettes