EP premiere - Ashland- EP

My favorite pieces of music are often the ones I understand the least. They’re the albums where the artist doesn’t have to come right out and declare their sadness or anxiety, it’s felt, their every emotion reflected from beginning to end. From the very moment I pressed play on this Paper Dove Records and Z-Tapes release of EP’s Ashland I felt the whole world slip away. This album is so special - it lifts you straight into the buzzing minds of this Newfoundland-based act, the journey unraveling and unwinding into something completely unexpected. We don’t need for Ashland to expose it all, for the band to utter their every thought, instead the release carefully reveals all we need to know, and what a beautiful reveal it is.


The album is available for pay what you want download via Bandcamp (and streaming via Soundcloud). Pre-orders for a 12 inch LP (via Paper Dove’s Bandcamp) and cassette (via Z Tapes) will be available soon.

Interview: The Other Stars

mp3: "Stay the Night" - Big Air