song: "Heaven" - Late Bloomer

song: "Heaven" - Late Bloomer

words: Gordon Phillips

It takes a special kind of band to name their first record in four years Waiting and Charlotte, North Carolina’s Late Bloomer is that band. All trolling aside, Late Bloomer sure can write a hook.  “If I make it to heaven/does it really matter?/If I crawl on the floor again/does it really matter?” posits vocalist Neil Mauney in the spacious chorus to “Heaven,” Waiting’s lead-off single. 

Layers of guitar distortion navigate the realm between riff and chord, stabbing and swelling across verse and chorus before searing straight through the song’s ascending bridge passage.  Faint keyboard plinks accentuate chord changes nicely as bass guitar lines occasionally depart for tasteful fills.

“Time is all we have/so do it right” reflects Mauney at the end of the song’s first verse.  Fortunately, Late Bloomer seems to have done exactly that, even if it meant making listeners wait.

Waiting is out June 29, 2018 via 6131 Records and is available for pre-order now.