song: "Soft" - Corey Flood

song: "Soft" - Corey Flood

words: Jasmine Bourgeois

Philly DIY punk band Corey Flood is releasing their debut EP, Wish You Hadn’t, at the end of February. Two songs have been released so far — “Feel Okay” dropped at the beginning of the year, and the band just premiered their second single, “Soft.”

“Soft” is exactly that — delicate and dainty at its core, but tough around the edges. It’s not an easy type of soft. It has the familiar fuzzy DIY punk sound, but lyrically it has a more naked, emotional tone. The chorus echoes: “You’re just soft/soft to the touch.” Those words linger, gnawing at you with a familiar sensation of feeling distant from someone even when you’re physically close.

There’s clearly a lot of harmony in this quad. They have a fuzzy, despondent mood but tight coordination. Everything about their music feels full of intention, and their chemistry is palpable even in their recordings. In “Soft,” Corey Flood have managed to translate raw emotion into a musical energy that resonates and aches.

Listen below. Wish You Hadn’t is out 2/23 via Fire Talk Records