stream premiere: Screw Your Brains - CVS at Night

CVS at Night Polaroid.jpg

This week (11/25), CVS at Night will release Screw Your Brains, via Invertebrate Music. It's nine-tracks of warm, Latin-infused rock perfect for escaping the cold clutches of winter. Today we're excited to bring you a premiere stream of the release, and if you're anything like us, then you'll be hooked from the very first opening note. The band explained a little more about the name and their hopes to us:

"Mikey and Adam met at a show in 2011. They've written and recorded hundreds of songs that will never see the light of day and played in multiple incantations of different bands including Evi Antonio and Bidding War. CVS at Night is a feeling they're trying to create with their friends Sam and Ben too."

interview: iji

mp3: "Lose My Place" - Alyeska