the beat: Death Valley Girls

the beat: Death Valley Girls

Welcome to The Beat, a new TGE feature where our fave artists/bands/people give us tips on makeup! The most feature to ever me! Today we welcome Death Valley Girls.



My makeup inspiration is Halloween! We bought a bunch of green body paint once, but Larry wouldn't let us wear it! I would happily paint myself green every night, but instead I wear this stuff:

  • Glossier Boy Brow - Because it makes my eyebrows look scary and it's not tested on animals!

  • Lucifer Lipstick by Twin Temple - Our friends Twin Temple made their own Satanic lipstick! It's my favorite and it's made in LA!

  • Kat Von D - Tattoo Liquid Eyeliner

  • Zuzu Luxe - Vegan Eyeliner & Mascara

  • Mineral Fusion - Vegan Concealer

  • NYX - Glitter!!!!!

The Kid:


Tell em they need to start making Anastasia brand "Spicy" lipstick (my fave shade)! Also the Milk Makeup stamps are cool. Lime Crime is a cool brand! Their colors are poppin’ off and i use their Bushy Brow gel. Also we like Black Moon Cosmetics!



Eye shadow: I am obsessed with colors and I wanna eat them! For now that color is green! I wear Kat Von D eye shadow, I’ve worn it every day for two years. After a year of wearing it, I looked at the name and it’s called “Iggy” !!!! They stopped making it so I had to hoard a bunch, but I only got 3 which will only last 2 years:(Stargazer makes a cool green too!). And Anastasia makes a neat purple. Lime Crime runs the gamut of cool colors.

Lipstick: Everyday I need Wet and Wild Purty Persimmon! It’s my favorite color red! Onstage, I borrow Kids Anastasia liquid lipstick and Urban Decay glide on lip pencil, Bang color cause it stays on which helps to not totally ruin my microphone.

Mascara: Falsies by Maybelline!

Glitter: Foxes Magazine used to make Foxes Glitter which was one of the best in the world! The other best is Sarazaar!

Tattoos: Black Sharpie!

pop quiz: PUP

pop quiz: PUP

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