the beat: Ivy Angel

the beat: Ivy Angel

Welcome to The Beat, a new TGE feature where our fave artists/bands/people give us tips on makeup! The most feature to ever me! Today we welcome Ivy Angel. In celebration of the release of Angel’s new video “Afterparty,” she’s walking us through her makeup routine used in the video.

I spent about 6 months working on this video with animator Raewyn Simmonds and videographer Vanessa Cone to create a story about leaving behind whatever is upsetting you and transporting yourself to a place where you can truly chill.

Here's the info on the makeup I used for the video, and just general info about the video as well!

Face - Rimmel Match Perfection Foundation (Shade 100 Ivory) + ColourPop No Filter Concealer (Shade Light 12)

I mix these two to match my perfect foundation shade, and i find that mixing the concealer in give a bit more coverage overall - especially since the foundation is quite sheer.

Contour/Highlight - Fenty Match Stix Trio (Shades Amber/Linen/Starstruck)

I only use the contour stick (Amber) and highlight stick (Starstruck) from this trio but they are both beautiful! It's the easiest way to contour ever, and the highlighter is beautiful. I apply these over top of my foundation, only on my cheek bones, and then use what's left of the contour on the brush and contour my forehead a little (it kinda just gives me a tan rather than contouring that part lol)

Eyes - Bare Minerals I.D. Eye Glimmer (Shade Queen Tiffany) + Kat Von D Tattoo Liner

If you couldn't tell, my makeup signature is the winged liner you see in the video. I've been practicing for about 8 years (lol). So, whenever people ask me how my eyeliner turns out so well, I just tell them "practice!". Sorry guys I know you were probably wanting better tips for that one but just watch a youtube vid and practice every day - I promise you'll get better at it. Also don't buy anything for winged liner except a pointed felt tip/brush PEN liner (it must be pen - i've tried every other option - liner pot + brush, pencil, liner brush that's in the twist cap, etc. - and they're just not as precise/easy to use, and pen liners usually aren't as stiff which helps to get a clean line).

Lips - ColourPop Ultra Blotted Lip (Shade Zuma) + Colourpop Ultra Glossy Lip (Shade Finesse)

Can I just say that the Finesse lip gloss is literally BEAUTIFUL. The video doesn't do it justice, but it's obviously working hard to lol. The Blotted Lip colour is really nice and natural on my skin tone, and not too opaque, so they're a really good option for everyday wear, and an even better option if you don't like wearing bold lips like me.

Lashes - Aliexpress 30 pack

I had to make a separate category for this one, simply because of the fact that I got 30 pairs of those exact ones for $12NZD (about $8 USD) on Aliexpress. Honestly, for the price, they are such good lashes that I can wear them at least 5 times before needing to grab a new pair from my pile. I just use them with the Dark Tone DUO Lash Glue. Hit me up for the link lol.

Brows - Anastasia Beverly Hills Brow Pomade (Shade Dark Brown)

Honestly my little pot of this is so manky, the cap is split straight down the middle and taped together. If that doesn't tell you how much I love it (or how poor I am) then I don't know what will. I use this with a small angled brush. If you're on a tight budget and you want to find a cheaper alternative that's just as good - use the NYX Jumbo pencils with a small angled brush. They have matte colours, and before I was given the ABH Brow Pomade I used the Jumbo Pencil on my brows everyday and it looked pretty much the same. Both have good staying power too.

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