the beat: Old Game

the beat: Old Game

Welcome to The Beat, a new TGE feature where our fave artists/bands/people give us tips on makeup! The most feature to ever me! Today we welcome Brenda Leeds of Old Game. The Pittsburgh-based band is preparing to release their second album, and will celebrate with a release show on June 22 at Cattivo.


Brenda Leeds here from Old Game! I wanted to focus on the self-care aspects of my beauty routine, and the ways in which each product helps me feel stage ready! Feeling confident pre-show goes beyond a cute dress and bold lips; I really have had to ritualize “gussying up” so that the only thing to worry about is getting the van to the venue on time!

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Saint John’s Wort Blessing Salve

This product was purchased at “Rad Ritual,” a local wellness shop in Pittsburgh that focuses on beauty, health & more. The jar says it “soothes all manner of pain and inflammation,” but I have found it MOST useful on my forehead, temples, jaw and neck on a clean face before applying any makeup or moisturizer. Why? Saint John’s Wort is a common natural remedy for depression, and by targeting these areas, the salve lifts any “fogginess” I am feeling before a show so that I can think calmly and clearly!

Number two and three are new products in my beauty ritual, and as you will see, many of the products I lean towards are natural, and are bought from local women who create the products themselves! These next two hit both of those marks!

Healing Honey Bee Mask by Restorative Essences

This mask is calming and soothing (and tasty!) Purchased at The Black Cat Market: Psychic Faire from RE; I now use this during the “cleansing” portion of my routine for a soft, relaxed canvas.

Hair Growth Remedy by Taiga Botanicals

I stumbled upon “Taiga Botanicals” at a faire as well, and this formula smells AMAZING. The cedarwood and peppermint are two of my favorite oils, and not only does the product promote healthy hair, it is just another step in feeling confident for the gig!


Lancôme lipstick

My beautiful mother surprises me each Christmas with new Lancôme makeup, and I have fallen in love with everything from the nudes, to the poppin’ pinks, and the dark maroons! I always “paint the barn” with a full face of makeup as the final part of my pre-show ritual, and this means the very last step is LIPSTICK! As a singer, I always want to be sure this feature is highlighted. I feel like my words come across more clearly, and I definitely look cute in the pictures on stage!

photo: Rolling Blackouts Coastal Fever + RVG at Rickshaw Theatre

photo: Rolling Blackouts Coastal Fever + RVG at Rickshaw Theatre

interview: Stef Chura

interview: Stef Chura