The Breakdown // “Long Walk To All Sorts of Places” - Fanpage

For this newest Breakdown we’re pleased to welcome Fanpage who just released LYA through Fox Food Records. Along with their words comes an accompanying video with images of their childhood home.

Words: Fanpage

I’m gonna be honest with you, this is a song that holds a lot of my troubles. I get this feeling sometimes that my life is just not on the right track and I have no way to fix it, I’m just a little bit too late or realise that i got fooled, reality cracks. I recorded this song in one day at Drömfakulteten, the collective I am a part of. The events happening that day made that crack. This might sound a bit pretentious or so but that was just one of those days, a line was drawn and something walked over it. A dear friend on drugs, splinters of a mirror and a love gone bad. As I was gonna go and make my lunch after been recorded from early morning I stepped on a splinter that got stuck in my feet. Jumping on one leg back into my studio and the mess, still there as it almost had become a part of me, I attract it and absorb it and so did the music. I have this need to process with sounds and sometimes when I am at a club i just lean back to the bass speaker and slowly.

Some weeks passed, things started to cool down and I went to visit my childhood home in the north. As I was there I walked in the forest, this place is just forrest in the summer and snow in the winter and on a cloudless night you can see the milky way. I listened to the mixes as I was in that phase of the production and walking on a road made for the machines to take down trees and turn them into paper I started to record video. This is what I ended up with, this is me.

Photos: Kim & the Created performing as The Cramps with Girl Tears (The Ramones), Death Hymn Number 9 (Minor Threat), Adult Books (The Misfits) and The Cosmonauts (The Clash) 10/26/2015

mp3: "“Velvet” - Daniel Markham & Claire Morales