video: "Juicy J" - No Thank You

words: Kat Harding

Newly signed Lame-O Records recording artist and Philadelphia resident Kaytee Della-Monica, performing under the moniker No Thank You, dropped the first single off her album Jump Ship recently. “Juicy J” comes complete with a crazy, kaleidoscope of a music video and is a sweetly ferocious minute-and-a-half of contemplation of a new relationship. “I can’t keep up with you/way faster than I’m used to” Kaytee sings, frantically chasing down her crush. This is the song to dance around in your room to, while deciding to leave someone who isn’t good for you. “I’m so glad we met/thanks for playing pretend” should be listened to repeatedly, while working up a sweat, and moving on.

Pre-order the LP Jump Ship, which will be out February 24, digitally here and on white with blue, red, and yellow splatter here!

photos: No Thanks: A Night of Anti-Fascist Sounds, Black Cat, Washington DC (1/20/17)

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