video premiere + interview: "Communicator 4" - Operator Music Band

video premiere + interview: "Communicator 4" - Operator Music Band

Near the end of last year, Operator Music Band released their stellar EP Coördination, and they're following it up with a video treatment for the track "Communicator 4". The track is indescribable, its mysterious, but beautiful atmosphere pieced together with various musical elements. From strong soprano to sputtering bursts of guitar, "Communicator 4" is continually evolving. And even when you think you've got a handle on it the band shifts directions; piano keys signaling the beginning of a experimental interlude of quickened pace and intensity. The bright colors and stunning visuals are an effortless companion to the mood of the track, enlivening a single so full of potential and so packed with surprises. Get lost in the world of "Communicator 4" below and enjoy an interview with ‘Dara Hirsch of Operator Music Band regarding the clip and what's next.

The Grey Estates: Explain what this track means and how it fits into the EP as a whole.

Dara Hirsch of Operator Music Band: When I write music, there is usually no singular meaning or narrative to my songs. The essence of ‘Communicator 4’ stems from a different world than earlier Operator songs, but I think our aesthetic and general approach have hinted at this world slowly over time. I first wrote the song in early 2016. At the time, I had doubts that it would fit with the band’s discography. But as we’ve matured, it seems that we’ve grown into the song or the song has grown into us - and the EP feels like a perfect representation of that growth.

Where did the idea for the video come from and how does it properly symbolize the meaning of the song?

Jared (Hiller) and I gathered images from de stilj and bauhaus artists, as well as a video performance of Oskar Schlemmer’s Triadisches Ballet. We let the directior take the wheel and we were really pleased with his concept. He pulled inspiration from the scene in The Life Aquatic where Steve Zissou gives a tour of his boat by way of a miniaturized, dollhouse-esque version of it. Then the director combined that with colorful, geometric motion graphics. 
As I mentioned, there is usually no specific meaning to any of my songs, but intent with all of our videos is to properly represent the energy of the song. I think that the director did an incredible job of doing just that.

What have you been working on and what's next?

We have our next album ready to record, which we hope to release early 2019. We’ll likely start writing the following album this summer.

How if at all did the EP differ from what you created on your debut? And what did you learn or how to incorporate in between releasing the two?

We’ve learned a lot since the band first formed in the beginning of 2015. In the group’s earlier days, one of our challenges was finding our sonic identity. Our music definitely encompasses many different personas, and I think after the release of this EP we felt more comfortable embracing all of these personas. The path we took from Puzzlephonics I (2015) to Coördination feels like a natural progression - kooky, but now with more depth.

Upcoming Tour Dates:

  • 4/26 @ Alphaville (DJ set) - Brooklyn, NY
  • 4/27 @ Elsewhere - Brooklyn, NY
  • 7/21 @ Alphaville - Brooklyn, NY