video premiere: Wash Away - Maenads

"Wash Away" is a powerful debut video/single with an even more powerful message. A collage of moving images and pictures are pieced together, passing swiftly as the grungy, growling message of this newly formed Pittsburgh quartet plays out. "Wash Away" is gritty and powerful, beginning with a near haunting unhurried pacing before it blossoms and unfurls. The track closes in on you, enveloping you in beautiful thoughts and imagery and you need only surrender yourself over to absorb every second. As the band explains:

"The video for the first single, "Wash Away" is shot and edited entirely by Shani Banerjee; she deals with found family footage as well as personal films to challenge concepts steeped in being a woman of color, Bengali, and the child of immigrants in a time where the dismantling of toxicity in religion and societal structure can feel impossible."

Pick up a copy of the single here.

photos: Lauren Carnahan at Webster Hall (7/27/17)

mp3: "The Moons Detriment" - Shannon Lay